335i history


In this #2 post I will explain you the history of my 35i since I bought it.

This journey started at May 26th when I sold my Audi A3 8p Quattro. I felt very sorry selling it but I was not able to have 2 cars. This car took me to many places without any big issue, its 2.0 TDI 140hp engine was very nice:


During some days some friends and me were in an intense search of another candidate. Being sincere I didn’t know which car I wanted but I had clear that it had to be RWD and with at least +250hp OEM.

A good friend found the 335i in Wallapop and after checking it on the elevator I decided to buy it.

On June 9th I went to Manresa to sign all the documents and bring the 35i to home. Here his first pic:


Since that day I have enjoyed so many roads with my friends 😀


Within the last 6/8 months the car has suffered considerable changes that I will show to you in the #3 post (my favorite number) and the next ones.


Enjoy =)

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