How to mount Recaro Pole Position on BMW 335i E92 N54


I had a problem with the OEM seats of my 335i. They were electric and the sides got inflated with a button. The issue came with the balloons that are inside the seat because they were punctured so I could inflate them but after 3 curves they were already done. It was translated to be driving uncomfortable and not being able to go faster due to that.

The only possible solution was to buy a brand and expensive new OEM seat (I didn’t even check the price) or find a bucket that could be approved. By discarding and because I had already tested it I chose Recaro Pole Position ABE:


My face the first time I seat on it on the floor!

With the bucket I also bought the aluminium base sides (ref 7207000). Its weigh is 1.1 kg instead of 2.6 kg of the steal ones:

And also the bottom base (ref 688919) that has to be mounted on the carriage:

Here the universal carriage (ref 364954) I used. Take into account that Recaro recommends to reuse your OEM carriage as they don’t provide a specific one for BMW E92, I had to modify/build mines because I had electric seats and it’s more difficult to remove the OEM carriage than build your own one:


With all this parts I was ready to start working.

First of all I started weighing the new bucket to know the difference with the OEM one:


After that and due to the default distance between the wholes didn’t match the car and because I didn’t want drill the Recaro carriage I had to fabricate a steal support for mounting it the carriage above:

I had also to modify the seat belt support as it was on the opposite/down side. I cut the two needed parts (seat belt nut and hasp) and welded them on their proper position:


Happy face after long time working on it:


To finish the supports I painted them on black color to not be seen easily and integrate them properly with the seat base color:

Here you can see that the seat belt fits perfect within the car!:


How the Recaro looks like already mounted 😍:

And to give some quality look to the complete mod I bought these square plastic plugs for the homemade steal supports:


This is the face you get once you seat on your bucket first time hehehehe:


To summarize I have to thanks to my friend JauJauu and Uri for all their help and their patience to teach me (without them it would not have been possible):

JauJauu in action!

And here Uri. Worth to follow him and his race car projects: @marticliment

Also big thanks the provider NS Motorsport for their great customer service and all the help for finding the right bucket and the rest of the parts!

They have very good prices so I recommend you to check their website:


Enjoy =)

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