The BMW M3 E36

Can you think about the craziest thing you have done in your life?

Yes, it’s mine ðŸĪŠ

It happened so fast in a matter of 1h. All started a Saturday morning in Car-Tec while I was repairing the BMW 320i. It had a short to ground failure and it was causing some strange issues on the engine, it was rattling.

One of my colleagues ðŸ‡Đ🇊 told me if I wanted to repair the car I had to go to a shop that it was just over the corner in order to buy ground cables. So, as the car parts store was so near I decided to go walking but he insisted in lending me his car. The car was an M3 286 (a very nice build BTW, pic below…).

Just coming back from the car parts store I couldn’t stop thinking about the most precious car I’ve had, the M3 E46 ðŸĨš (almost 2 years ago).

I miss it, yes, but now a little bit less than before 🙃

The worst part was when I came back to Car-Tec and another friend 🐗 was there. He started telling me if I’d like to have another M3 E46 (they’re currently crazy expensive, so impossible) so he remembered that one of his friends was selling a BMW M3 E36, he showed me two pictures of the car and it was enough to make him call the seller and 30 mins later we were checking the car.

From that point, we shake our hands and the deal was made, there was no way back.

One week later the car was already cleaned and on his way to Car-Tec for doing the maintenance that it was not done.

Rod bearings done, all liquids changed, new brake pads (Ferodo DSUNO 1.11), brake lines, spark plugs, coils and the proper alignment and setup:

The mechanic 🐍 also realized the silentblocks of the front subframe were dead so we reinforce it:

After that it was time to do the breakin period, 1500km of being a good guy and don’t push it hard (NO pedal to the metal… yet 😏).

I drove it in a very nice roads and crazy & long nights… 🐍💊ðŸŧ🐧

After 3 days the first 1000km were already done, yeah 💊ðŸŧ

I have no words to describe the feeling I felt. The 335i didn’t take the thorn of the M3 E46 and it seems the M3 E36 WILL DO IT 💊ðŸŧ💊ðŸŧ💊ðŸŧ

Every day I start the S50 engine a big smile appears in my face, that is life!

To finish this important post, here you have some amazing pics of the Daytona Violet in Alcarras circuit:

Thanks 🐗 for everything, Car-Tec for the big maintenance and SPS for the pictures!

Enjoy 🐧

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