Nürburgring 2019


To start this blog post I’d like to say that this 2 days’ trip to Nürburgring was one of the most exciting if not the most one at all 😬

Info & history about the circuit.

It started a Friday afternoon with some flight delays (not harmful at all), we took advantage of it to have dinner and not to be hungry after landing in Cologne at 23pm.

Below, my two friends and me resting before boarding a plane (one also frightening of flying 😜):

Once landed in Cologne, we took the rental car (unluckily a Golf 👎🏻) and drove to our dirty hostel. We arrived there at 1am aprox and went quickly to sleep as the next day we knew it would be intense.

On Saturday morning, we got up at 7am to have a quick coffee and drove straight to Adenau where the rest of our friends were hosted. First traffic signals pointing to Nürburgring and I started to feel a bit nervous 💪🏻

Once we saw that roundabout we 100% realized that we where at the Green Hell! I couldn’t imagine what was about to come.

We parked the shitty Golf and just saw this, we were at Nürburgring Nordschleife!!!

We started having a walk next to the Nürburgring mall and I radically felt the petrol head atmosphere, the fuel could be smelt in the air. It was a non-stop road of totally amazing cars and all the owners with the same goal, ENJOY about our passion without having people complaining about it.

Just as an example, in there, there’s a BMW shop only dedicated to M models 🤤

And next to the shop lots of race cars started to show up… no words to describe them! Buckets, roll cages, front lips, performance exhausts were there the initial starter pack for all of them, WOW!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures, all of them were modified and it didn’t matter if they were new or old, just amazing.

We rested a bit and after having lunch it was time to do some shopping in the Nürburgring Boulevard mall so we spent the afternoon there:

There was a kind of jumble sale with plenty of tools, nice stickers and awesome clothes. Couldn’t resist so I bought some T-shirts, key rings and more…

Just before going to Pistenklause restaurant we had some fun in the Nürburgring karting, lots of laughs all together!
After it and being all the day with those nervous of the first time + karting I was totally exhausted and relaxed, perfect for having dinner and then rest all the night like a baby… yeah:

Pistenklause time!

Outside the restaurant, it seemed a normal restaurant (if you don’t check the cars parked next to it, obviously) but just opened the door and you change your mind radically. All the walls were full of photos, newspaper clippings, racing teams’ stickers and signatures!!! I could had spent all the night just checking the walls but it was time to devour the dinner as I was very hungry…

You cannot go to Nürburg without trying it, just delicious…

On Sunday morning it was Touristenfahrten time, so we went directly to the circuit. Awesome car park next to the circuit with hundreds of cars that just blew my mind. Here you have a very small portion:

200 meter far from the car park the party was going to start 💪🏻. More than 180 cars were inside the circuit but it was not a problem at all for us. We stood up at the entry of the circuit to see all those f***ing amazing cars as if it was a fashion show just in front of us:

30 mins later it was time to put my helmet on and enter for the first time to one of the most iconic circuits of the world. My friends were driving and explaining to me all the tips & tricks of the circuit (including where the cameras were taking the pics 😛)


I can say that the Carousel curve was totally crazy, I got dizzy because of the G force while doing the curve, it was the first time that I felt that in a circuit… 🤪

At 13pm it was time to move to Pinocchio’s restaurant (also very famous) and have an amazing pasta with all of them for lunch!

We had lunch in a fast mode because the circuit was opening so we went there again to do some more VERY fast laps. It’s awesome to see how a car with less than 200cv can go SO SO FAST in this circuit, some good examples are the BMW 318is or the VW Golf MKII below from my friends:

Just before the Touristenfahrten session had finished, we took the cars to go to some of the most known curves to take some amazing pics:

Info about the circuit curves:

Once the session had finished we went to the Zur-Nürburg restaurant to have the last drinks and say bye to almost all of them as they stayed there for a couple of days more:

This amazing and insuperable weekend concluded with the picture below. Thanks to all of you for showing me what is the feeling you had explained hundred times when you came back from the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

I will never forget it!

To finish I will leave some more professional pictures of my friends, be careful and don’t drool your screen… 😏

Hope to see you soon Nürburg and in a better shape!😁

Enjoy =)


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