Another “new” family member – BMW 320i E36

Jajajajaja I know, third E36 in a few time. There are no excuses I like them and I like to fix them!

Now it’s black, not dark blue as the last one was:

So yes, I already got another 320i and the best fact is that the owner was the same one that sold to me the other 320i 😆

It was last week, one of my friends just told me; hey the same guy you bought your last E36 is selling another one…

The result was me calling him immediately and having an appointment for checking it.

As an army, all my friends and me went there to check it and after changing a wheel, taking lots of engine plastics and test it on the road I finally bought it 😋

I know, picture below has not the best quality, my friend 🐍 is not yet convinced to change his f**king old phone 🤣

I couldn’t wait to see what was under all the dust and mud of the car so at 2am I went directly to wash it. After a fast water, it already seemed a bit better…

Next morning I decided also to vacuum the 320i, it was very very dirty. I took out all the rear seats and the party started:

1 hour later the car seemed a totally different one, everything clean inside and all the leather parts of the seats were hydrated 💪🏻

Final step was to go to the washing tunnel so I bought the ticket which included special soap, product for windows, car wax and the drying.


Now as the tradition says, our God Ron98 told me that I couldn’t drive the 320i if the baptism was not celebrated first, so I invited my friends to the ceremony 🤣

Next time before driving it, we had to do the baptism, so we did it! 😏

The baptism went really well, at 00:36h we were “celebrating” it:

The bad part is that at 1:22h (less than an hour) there was an small issue…

Pilot ok ✅

Car not ok ❌

Yes, the tyre mark on the road was from the first car in the queue, my E36…

Asphalt very cold so it didn’t turn, just went straight ☹️

So I had to call the crane to bring me home (as the last vw eh 🧑🏻‍🔬)

That was my first accident but at least I was 100% ok and the car was “little” damaged. Below, the car, the bottle of cava & a part of a climbing plant that was inside the 320i:

Now it’s time to fix it! The next post I will show you the progression 💪🏻

Nothing for you means a lot for them 😋

Enjoy 🐧