Madrid N54 weekend 28/02/2020 – Trackday Jarama

It was a weekend planned long ago with some of my friends sharing the passion/hate of our BMW N54 engines (and some N55 😏). On that time I also had an N54 but I bought the S50B30…

Discussing the best place to organize the KDD finally we agreed on doing it in the Spain’s capital, Madrid. Each of them were coming from different parts of Spain; Sevilla, Galicia, Canarias, Burgos, Barcelona… πŸ˜‹

After a hard days of pushing my friends I achieved to have almost all of them in the same hotel and to book restaurant + trackday with the help of Manza.

It started on Friday 28th of February early in the morning waiting for some friends:

I met πŸ— & 🐀 in order to drive in a nice road on my way to Madrid. So, we went from Barcelona to AlcaΓ±iz without taking any toll road nor a primary one, only small roads and going through small and beautiful villages with good views πŸ’ͺ🏻 (more than 300km).

Here the machines before our most important task:

The task below; as it’s not possible to drive with your belly empty… πŸ™ˆ

And they…

Once the task was accomplished it was time to enjoy a sunny morning of holidays, yeahhh.

Once the curves started, it was the perfect moment for testing the semislicks Zestino Gredge 07RS that I mounted 2 days before:

200km after our nice breakfast it was time to stop, enjoy the views from the mountains and recheck the pressure of the tires just to confirm they were performing properly, and yes, I only had to decrease them a bit and continue βœ…

After another 150km aprox I started to smell water coolant but water and oil temperature were ok . I had a bad feeling and once we arrived to AlcaΓ±iz to have lunch I step out of the car and I heard a water leak, opened the car bonnet and saw some water smoke 😞 yes, I had a water leak in one of the water hoses just under the intake. The water level was also very low on the expansion bottle…

In front of where I had the car parked there was a motorbike shop so I bought 2 bottles of water coolant and continue my way to Madrid (I couldn’t let my friend down after organizing everything) πŸ’ͺ🏻

After 3 more hours of driving like and old man with my copilot 🐀 we got to our hotel safe and sound, car βœ…, pilot & copilot βœ…

It was time to unload the car trunk, do the check-in, have a shower and rest a bit before going to have dinner.

Essential pack for a car trip like this one πŸ˜…

It was time to know all the people I was whatsapping to and have a bit of fun πŸ€ͺ, not too much as next day we had a route to do and the trackday in Jarama Circuit in the afternoon:

Just after dinner we went (very slow 😏) to the airport to receive Sergio who was coming from Canary Islands to meet us. Big Sergio!!!!

First thing on Saturday morning was to go to the airport again as Fer was landing early so Martinello and me went there to pick him up. Once Fer was with us we saw a car wash so we stopped to clean our cars πŸ§ΌπŸš—

From there we went to the meeting point again (the hotel) to start our route to the mountains of Madrid, the destination was “La Cruz Verde”.

I saw in the map a sightseeing point with a lake in the middle of our way to the mountains so we stopped but… it was totally dried πŸ˜…

Anyway the pic is here with all the N54’s and my M3 🀣 (you can see the super full lake in the background…)

After some kilometers desperate with slow drivers and hoping the traffic jump disappeared I gave up and drove like an old man once again.

Once in “La Cruz Verde” we went to the restaurant that I was looking for; El Asador Guillermo Cruz Verde:

It has a big parking lot and very very nice food for having breakfast | dinner.

The bad luck was with me, I just stopped the engine of the M3 and heard again the water leak but this time it was louder, I got out of the car and…

I totally lost the illusion of driving in Jarama Circuit but I wanted to come back home with my car 😞

In the same place, the parking lot, I started to disassemble the intake to look for the water leak (thanks God Ron98 for bringing the Manessmam πŸ™πŸ»)

Once the intake was out of the car and thanks to all of you guys, we found the leak. I was amazed how was possible the car was running with this metal tube in this status… 😨

Once I saw it I lost the hope I had to repair it although Fer was trying to motivate me to repair it…

Finally I call the crane I decided to brought the car next to the Jarama Circuit as there was a Leroy Merlin or Bauhaus next to it to buy something to fix it:

On my way with the crane I asked the driver about bringing the car to Barcelona and he answered: “until we don’t fill a truck of cars we don’t bring them to Barcelona, approximately 1 to 2 weeks”

I started to call all my friends asking for a mechanic in Madrid in orderto left the car there and not in a car wasteland. Finally and thanks to Texaco he recommended me to call Adri. Just 1 min talking with him he already told me to bring the car to his garage. My GOD THANKS!

I lost the trackday in Jarama (all the rest of my friends were in the circuit 😒) but at 21h Adri already had finished my car, it was fixed and running amazingly. The workaround:

I will not have enough thanks to tell you man, you safe my car!!!! πŸ‘πŸ»

I came back to the hotel to have a shower and to try to forget the shitty day I had been through.

I found a nice restaurant so we went there to have an amazing dinner together:

Almost all The Misfire Team, yeahhh 😎

And it was time to enjoy the night of Madrid, Shoko club was the chosen one πŸ₯³

On Sunday morning some of us took the road back home and the rest we went to see the Jarama Circuit, I couldn’t come back home without being there.

To summarize, below some pictures of the Misfire Team. All of them racing in Jarama and some pics from the parking lot πŸ’ͺ🏻

Thanks to all of you for helping me and for a great weekend together, hope to see you all soon!!!

Enjoy 🐧

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