New family member BMW 320i E36


I think you didn’t know but until some months ago I owned a BMW 325tds E36. That car was very nice, low consumption, good engine and 143hp, enough!

I have to say I had it for some months but I enjoyed it a lot 😏💪🏻:

So the history of the new member started when one of my friends 🐍 sent me a link about an old BMW with a good price.

After checking the website, I just called the seller and we agree to meet just next day.

This was the only photo I could see in the car announcement:

I went to the sellers house with some of my friends and we did an exhaustive car’s check. Engine seemed fine (no strange sounds), there wasn’t pressure on the water pipes, no oil stains, brake pads fine, tires almost 70%. The only cons were that it didn’t have exhaust pipe, it also had an small loss of water from the water radiator and that one tire was punctured.

Finally because of the price, the current status of the car and all the spare parts the seller was giving to me I decided to buy it.

So next step was to call the crane, wait for him and bring the 20i home:

Time to departure 🛫:

And already at home:

I’m pretty sure I will never forget that afternoon, the trip all together in the car and the laughs in there. The best of all will come sooner than later; new routes, trackdays and more… but before I will have to do some repairs to the little 20i.

Here part of the ♻️DCUP♻️ family with the new member:

Thanks to all of you for coming with me and help me deciding!!!💪🏻🤪

Here the celebration 🍾

[wpvideo vjuGWF2l ]

Within the next posts I will show you how the 320i changes.

PS: check my t-shirt, it has a cool message from

“Every time you build a race car god kills a piggy bank”

Enjoy =)

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