Trackday Alcarras 14/12/2019 by DriveClub Race&Events

First time in Alcarras and I can assure you it WON’T be the last one. AMAZING circuit, so if you have not been there, just GO GO GO ðŸĪĐ

The trackday started on Saturday but I had a very loooong night before.

Friday at 12am me and my friend Chatarren started to replace the OEM steering wheel for a new OMP boss kit, a quick release NRG Gen 2.8 and the Sabelt steering wheel.

My first feeling touching the Sabelt was very nice and the quick release was awesome, new anti robbery method is in! ðŸĪĢ💊ðŸŧ

Same night I also tried to install the new Milltek full exhaust but it was very uncomfortable to do it on the ground so I finally didn’t do it (it was 3am btw…)

Finally Saturday morning we met at the same place as always and went to Alcarras. There was a new guy joining us… ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸĶē👏ðŸŧ

The trackday had an strange starting time (12pm) so to prevent the hungry we decided to have an strong breakfast before arriving the circuit ðŸĪŸðŸŧ

An special restaurant next to some of the places we’re it’s always Christmas 🎄😏

And yeah, we got to Alcarras Circuit ðŸĪ™ðŸŧ

First thing was going to do the paper stuff and once done we started to take all our spare parts out from our cars and put them within the boxes.

The nervousness were obvious as it was almost time to race…

Short talk in boxes before starting, warming up all the engines and READY TO GO 🙈

Pray before racing for a safe day…

3 different generations racing together! ✌ðŸŧ💊ðŸŧ

First feelings were very nice on the track, it’s a fast circuit with very long and vey short curves and also some nice ups and downs. It’s needed to drive there to have the real idea, so GoOoO

I could race almost all the trackday, I only had an small issues with the turbo solenoides but I already had them in place to change 😌)

Here some videos from the finish line:

And also a very interesting on board doing some fun laps chasing a BMW M4 😏😈

And some more professional pics, thanks the photographer, yeah 💊ðŸŧ

To summarize the day I got a nice crono as it was my first time driving in there 😋ðŸū

My face was telling everything hehehehe

It was time to gather all our things from the boxes and go home just hoping next trackday in Alcarras happens sooner than later (last pics):

Summary of the day by the biggest man 😏:

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Nothing for you means a lot for them 😋

Enjoy 🐧

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