#1 335i mods


It is the first post of a sequence in which I will show you the mods of my 335i. After this sequence I will upload several more with deeper details on “How To” I installed everything.

Let’s start…


Wheels by Avant Garde M359

On December 5th I decided to change the wheels of the 35i and mount 18″ instead of the OEM 19″ ones. It would provide me the ability of mounting semi slick tires, in my case Federal. I was using this brand in my previous M3 E46 and they were awesome.

I was evaluating different brands for the wheels and finally because of the balance of quality/price I decided to go for Avant Garde.

The measures chosen were:

Front: 18″ x 8,5″ ET 35, 235/40-18

Rear: 18″ x 9,5″ ET 33, 265/40-18

Tires: Federal 595 RS-R (semi slick)

Suspensions ST XTA by KW

I bought the 35i with H&R lowered springs already installed and the car had a bad feeling, suspensión was not absorbing properly the road bumps so on August 24th I decided to buy a new suspension Kit. A good friend with a lot of suspension’ knowledge recommended me a variety of brands/models but the most accurate ones for my use were ST.

They are composed of KW Clubsport springs & KW V2 coilovers:

Being honest once I drove the car some km’s I started to feel that I was driving a brand new car, ST works extremely good. I still have to test them on a track to have a final feedback but until now, I have a very positive one.

This suspension was bought in innocar-parts as they have nice prices and brands. I recommend them to everybody!




Limited Slip Differential by RSX

Mounted on my OEM differential MT 3.08 gear ratio (bolted). The LSD weight 6.8 kg (it’s the light one) with 24 clutch plates (NiCrMo material).


2-way LSD with ramps of 45º lock in acceleration and 90º lock in braking. It has a preload around 130 Nm. RSX also sends with the LSD different ramps to be able to modify the setup.

As you can imagine 306hp OEM without LSD were uncontrollable, spinning one wheel on each corner was very common and I was always leaving the car with a bad impression about it. Once the RSX LSD was in, that feedback changed to an awesome feeling. If you have driven a car with it I have nothing else to explain, if not, just buy one 😀

Just to add that the treatment I received from RSX was totally awesome and very professional, 100% recommended!



To summarize this post I will leave you here an useful table of the type of differentials for your 335i/d and 135i by year (if bolted or welded):


I will upload different posts explaining the how to mount all the different car parts.

Here a pic of the 35i with its new shoes:


Enjoy =)

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