#2 335i mods


Water cooler by CSF

This water cooler and some other car parts have a funny history behind. Last summer I went for holidays to the USA and some days before going I was planning what to buy in there, Americans have big car shops with thousands of spare parts (difficult ones to find here and the best, cheaper).

I did the purchase of some car parts in ECS Tuning website and sent everything to the hotel, you can imagine the receptionist guy once he got the big box with the water cooler and the rest… :

As you can see below I had to buy also a new suitcase in order to bring them home 😀 I was very lucky to only bring an small luggage so I was able to check in the big one as well.

Oil cooler by GPLUS + ventilator

If you own a car with a N54 you should have suffered engine oil heating problems. Going fast for more than 10 mins was traduced to oil temp over 130 degrees. And the following scaring limp mode.

In order to solve it, I installed a secondary oil cooler (25 rows) in order to amend those temperatures. Exactly this one:

As i installed it 1 month ago and the weather now is “cold” I didn’t mount the ventilator yet, but I already prepared the circuit diagram:

Apart from that as the oil cooler had to be mounted on the front left side of the car I had to build a bracket to hold it tight. I used aluminium to do so and mounted horizontally so there’s space for the ventilador:

Once installed and oil was changed (Motul 5w40 specific 2296) I also installed the Mishimoto magnetic engine oil drain plug, it would gather all the iron parts from the oil sump:

High flow air filter by K&N

In conjunction with this K&N air filter I also bought these air scoops intake by Magnum. It was installed in the front grill connected to the default intake pipes:


Both the K&N filter and the air scoops were bought in an amazing UK website. I will show more car parts I also bought in there.



Thanks for the nice customer service!


Well I think it’s enough for this post, keep tuned to check the next one.


Enjoy =)

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